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1. Uluslararası Avrasya Enerji Sorunları Sempozyumu Bildiri Tam Metni Kitabı

Kitap | 2015 | 1. Uluslararası Avrasya Enerji Sorunları Sempozyumu

Energy has been the most contested meta since the mid-19th century. Since energy was utilized for light and heating at first and later for industrial production it has become one of the indispensable element of social and economic life. In line with the industrial and technological development, increasing energy need and consumption have become one of the indicators of power in economic, political and social areas since having political power depends on a strong economy. Also, energy is a fundamental factor in contemporary economy. Therefore, states struggle to have necessary energy resources, keep energy routes under control . . . and access to energy easy and cheaply. Since the states do not have an equal position in energy reserves, there occurs a struggle to possess and access to energy resources. On the other hand, it has to be noted that possession of energy resources does not mean that that state has economic and political power. Since energy is an area of contesting global powers, it may lead to political, economic and social instability. It is possible to test the above statement by looking at the present and potential conflict areas in the world. Energy creates political as well as economic dependency between energy supplying and consuming countries. In order to mitigate the effects of this dependency, regional and global cooperation occurs. On the other hand, energy becoming a political tool with high economic and political cost has led states, both suppliers and consumers, to alternative energy resources. Thus, it is possible to explain why states with high levels of income from energy resources started to invest in other areas that can create income, such as tourism. Another issue is the legal and environmental problems occurring during the extraction and transportation of energy resources. Environment and environmental problems are top in the agenda of the world since the end of 21st century. Huge environmental contaminations on land and sea occurring during production and transportation of fossil fuel demonstrates the importance of the issue. In the light of all these issues, 1. International Eurasia Energy Problems Symposium has been held in 28-30 May 2015 at İzmir Katip Çelebi University by the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in order to host as an academic platform for up-to-date ideas and opinions. During the symposium, experts on the area found opportunity to express their opinions in areas of energy supply and security, alternative energy resources, legal and environmental problems, regional political and economic conflicts and contesting global powers. Definitely, hosting an international symposium is hard work. However, consecutive success makes hard work a pleasure and proud for organizers and supporters. There is no doubt that organizing conferences, meetings and symposiums necessitates team work. On the other hand, individuals and institutions who chair these teams and give support financially and morally have to be mentioned. Therefore, we thank to the rector of İzmir Katip Çelebi University, Prof. Dr. Galip AKHAN, who encouraged the symposium. Also, we thank to the dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Attila ACAR, who cultivated fast and practical solutions to problems occurred during the organization and demonstrated patience, harmony and understanding; and to the president of the organization board Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nesrin DEMİR from the Department of International Relations, who has a ii significant share in the success of the symposium with her never-ending energy and enthusiasm. In the symposium held in 28-30 May, the participants, who sent the full texts of their work, bear the legal and academic responsibilities. During the editing process, meaning and content of their work have been kept Daha fazlası Daha az

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